1Zpresso J MAX

1Zpresso K MAX je multi purpose na zabijácke espresso doma aj na alternatívne metódy pour over alebo full immersion: v60, clever, kalita, french press, cold brew.

K MAX ručný high end mlynček na výberovú kávu na všetky metódy prípravy výberovej specialty kávy doma.
K MAX  - 22 mikrónov je každý klik  a klikov máš dokopy 90.

K MAX je frajerina: má magnetický úchyt.


Having the same adjustment mechanism as the 1Zpresso K-Pro and K-Plus manual coffee grinders, the K-Max also has 9 numbers and 90 clicks per round, and the burr moves 22 microns each click. A perfect grinder for both pour over and espresso!


Grinding coffee with K Burr no longer has to be troublesome; instead, it could be something joyful! The K-series grinders have excellent performance on consistency. Starting with a medium coarse grind size for pour over, you can make a cup of coffee with a clean and bright taste that is hard to achieve with other grinders.


K-Max is a combination of K-Pro and K-Plus with a slimmer magnetic catch cup (without blindshaker set).


All of the 1Zpresso grinder can be easily taken apart without any tools, allowing a thorough cleaning and maintenance.


  • Do not clean the grinder with water. The grinder should only ever be cleaned with a dry brush and blower.
  • Please read the instruction manual and grind setting reference guide before use.
  • The burr was calibrated and fixed in place by the 1Zpresso team. Disassembly of the burr may affect grind accuracy and cause damage to the grinder.
  • There may be small scratches on the surface of the aluminium body, similar to that of brushed steel, this is normal and expected, as part of the Anodizing Process.
  • Weight: 700 g
  • Dimensions: H 19.3 x D 5.2 x W 14 cm
  • Grounds Capacity: 35 - 40 g (depending on the bean type)
  • Materials: Wood, polycarbonate, silicone, stainless steel, and aluminum alloy

Package Contents:

  • 1Zpresso K-Max coffee grinder
  • Cleaning brush
  • Cleaning blower
  • Anti-slip rubber
  • 1Zpresso Cylinder Case

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1Zpresso J MAX

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