Na objednávku Wilfa kuchynský robot černý

Wilfa Probaker Stand Mixer 

Silný kuchynský robot do domácnosti aj do prevádzky do bistra do pekárne do cukrárne.

10 ročná záruka!

Made in Norway.

Mieša cesto na pizzu na chlieb na bagetky na koláče!

7 litrov na 5 kg cesta!

20 rýchlostí nastaviteľných.

RPM min: 1130
RPM max: 5700

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Welcome to a whole new standard of kitchen mixer. Whether you're making bread, whipping up a cake or experimenting with new recipes, Wilfa ProBaker elevates what you can achieve in your kitchen. The Wilfa Probaker delivers optimal baking results for the uncompromising baker. The result of 5 years product development, the Probaker is the perfect kitchen companion.

  • 7 litre bowl with a capacity of up to 5 kg of dough
  • Best in test and Kitchen Product of the Year
  • 10 year engine warranty
  • Developed with the Norwegian national backcourt team

Best In Test, ProBaker is an industry leader

ProBaker was declared best in test in Dagbladet's (One of Norway's most trusted newspapers) latest test of kitchen machines, Dec. 2021. It was also named Kitchen Product of the Year by the Electrical Electronics industry in Nov. 2021

Double-Effective Kneading system

ProBaker is designed to replicate the manual action of experienced bakers. In fact, with its double-acting kneading system, where both the bowl and the hook rotate at the same time, it goes one better! You get the best kneading result and with easy access to the bowl to add ingredients.


The large bowl of 7 litres has a capacity for up to 5 kg of dough, that's enough to satisfy professional kitchens and the most emphatic home-baker. You can easily make large portions, or small.

Speed Settings

With 20 speed settings, you always have complete control over the baking and can find the best speed for your recipe.

10 Year Engine Warranty

Unique Eltekrok

The unique kneading hook is optimized to develop gluten in the dough efficiently. Plus, with minimal distance between the hook and the bowl ensures that you get all the ingredients kneaded without the dough climbing on the hook.

Innovative Double Whisks

The specialist double whisks are designed to push extra air into your mixtures. The ProBaker whisks ensure that you get light and airy cream and meringue.


Our Flexivisp whisk has removable silicone edges that are angled perfectly to fit the sides of the mixing bowl. This works seamlessly to scrape all the ingredients and mixtures from the bowl – no wastage and easier cleaning!

Still & Steady

With the heavy components placed low in the mixer, we have managed to get the ProBaker to stand completely still whilst in use, even below maximum capacity.

ProBaker is truly the best option for the baking enthusiast. With its sleek design and unrivalled performance, it's the perfect addition to your kitchen.

What's included with The Wilfa ProBaker Kitchen Mixer

  • Bowl of 7 litres
  • Eltekrok kneading hook
  • Flexsivisp whisk
  • Double whisks
  • Dough scraper
  • Splash cover
  • Recipe booklet

    Article number: 602030
    Color: black
    Material: steel
    Capacity: 7L bowl
    Detachable cable: Yes
    Digital / mechanical control panel: Mechanical
    Power (watts): 700
    Pulse function: Yes
    RPM min: 1130
    RPM max: 5700
    Settings: Speed, heart rate
    Signal lamp: Yes
    Speed settings: 20
    Washable: Yes
    Accessories: Sprinkle lid, dough scratches

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