The G-risto Grinder with scale is a grind-by-weight grinder of the highest performance and exquisite quality at an unbeatable price.

This grinder is conceived to give the highest performance to coffee lovers, it comes standard with a 64mm titanium burrs turning at only 1400 rpm, temperature and humidity sensor inside the hood, and excellent grinding at Pre-set exact weight.

Built with excellent materials, its beancontainer can hold up to 1 kg of coffee, three grinding modes, single, double shot and manual. The adjustment of the grinding is done from a dial on the top with security system, and the balance has a margin of error of only 0.1 gr, the scale is also removable.

This grinder has the ability to grind the exact amount of coffee you need, with an error of 0.1 grams, you just have to select how many grams you want in your filter holder and that's it ...

The weight can be graduated by tenths of a gram, with selection for single shot, double shot and the option of manual grinding.

  • Touchscreen with Capsense control technology.
  • Flat 64mm titanium blades for 3000kg of coffee without replacement.
  • An individual motor to ensure longevity and operation.
  • The internal parts of the mill are all aluminium alloys.
  • Active temperature sensor and equipped with a cooling fan for internal cooling.
  • Excellent effect of grinding coffee beans, the grinding degree is even, no coffee powder flying around leading to loss. Less ground coffee in the room.
  • The coffee funnel that holds 1kg of coffee beans is darkened for good light protection. When the hopper is removed the grinder does not work to protect the user.
  • Ambient temperature , humidity and temperature of the burrs are indicated on the display.

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